A Glimmer

Of Light

From the Eye

Of a Giant

Tabular evidence of a monument in harmony with the universe


NOTE:   This book by a former Physics Professor contains one of the most fascinating mathematical analysis of the Great Pyramid that I have ever read.  It is loaded with charts and tables and Professor Turbeville displays a grasp of mathematics that is unique.  His correlations are very creative and insightful.    I highly recommend this book and I guarantee you will find it challenging, stimulating, and enjoyable.

John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director
Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association



If anyone should ask how I managed to conceive the idea and why I decided to develop the tables presented in this treatise, I’m not certain I‘ll be able to give them a reasonable and acceptable answer. This is an attempt.

I’ve always considered myself a creative and intuitive person who enjoys the symmetry and beauty of the world around me. A trip to a boatyard or marina to gaze at the sleek hulls of sailing vessels gives me quiet pleasure. The solution to a difficult math problem may sometimes come to me in an intuitive flash and always seems beautiful. In the last few years I have become increasingly replica rolex watches aware of what are called synchronistic events in my life, where coincidental happenings no longer seem merely coincidental but often have real personal meaning or affect the activity I may be involved in. It was in this light that I found myself creating, or quite possibly recreating, these extremely interesting tables that seemed to come to me from out of antiquity and have provided me with a real sense of discovery. Number summations and symmetrical combinations discovered in the tables amazingly represent many of the exact measurements made at the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Other numbers that continually reoccur in the tables represent physical earth measurements of such things as size, density,replica dita sunglasses angular velocity and rotational energy, or harmonics thereof. It seems impossible to imagine that all of these factual numbers were placed here by mere coincidence, when a knowledge of higher mathematics seems essential for their presence, so many so that the reader may be tempted to join in the search for other numerical connections to the distant past. This is my hope and indeed may be the reason for this revelation.

I did not intend this to be a treatise on the synchronistic events that may have led me to this fascinating discovery and these events will only be discussed or mentioned as side notes at those points in this work where I feel it necessary for the reader to be shown how I might have been given a nudge in a fruitful direction by some synchronistic event. This is done in order to minimize any aura of mysticism that might be cast over these tables, for truly they are nothing more than an additive sequence of numbers and combinations thereof that may be found in all of nature.


The Great Pyramid - Khufu

The mystery that surrounds the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is legendary, and the differences between truth and legend become less certain as we travel back through the mist of time. It is the most studied and written about monument on the face of the Earth, and it is not my intention to add more verbiage to the vast collection of literature already available on the subject.

It is my intention, however, to show that the tables developed and presented here were inspired by the mathematical symmetry found in nature and for some mysterious reason contain the most precise measurements ever made of the major dimensions replica rolex uhren of the Great Pyramid Khufu. Only after I began to probe the symmetry and mirror image properties of the tables did I begin to wonder; "Might similar tables have existed before the Great Pyramid was built? Do they contain data or guidelines that might have been used by ancient artisans and architects?"

Using the precise width and height measurements recorded by William Petrie, an English surveyor of the late nineteenth century as a reference, 1 440 royal cubits for the base width, 280 royal cubits for the height, and in addition, using his determination of the royal cubit of 20.63 inches, which is now an accepted standard for the Great Pyramid, a base width of 756.4 feet and height of 481.4 feet can be calculated.

There seems to be no direct evidence in the tables of any number that is sufficiently close to the height in feet shown above to be acceptable; however, there are an excess of dimensional numbers from which the height can be calculated. These external numbers can be physically measured on the pyramid, whereas the height is a number that must be calculated. There is no way to make a direct internal measurement of the height. The base line width 756 feet, the half width 378 feet, the apothem length 612 feet (a measure from the apex down the pyramid face to the half-width point) and the corner edge line 720 feet can all be found in the tables.*

If the total sum of the numbers of Table-1 (1188) is divided by 189, an ancient irrational value once used for two Pi (2p ) is obtained. i.e. 1188 / 189 = 44/7 = 2p .

This irrational value of Pi (p ) = 22/7 is in error by only 0.04 % and is used throughout this entire treatise as it seems to be the value in use when the pyramid was built.

In the earlier discussion on Khufu – A Model of the Earth, we discussed the fact that 360° had historically been replica rolex orologi known to contain 21600 arc minutes and that a minute of arc on the Earth’s surface was equal to one nautical mile. If we assume that the total sum of Table-2 (6048)* is Khufu’s inherent value for the number of feet in a nautical mile, and use that number, which we will now call a Khufu mile, to calculate the distance around the Earth at the equator, we obtain a distance of precisely 21600 Khufu miles.

i.e. The Earth’s equatorial circumference is equal to Khufu’s
perimeter (in feet), times the scale factor, divided by the number of feet per Khufu mile.

(4 • 756 ft) • (43200) / (6048 ft./ kfu.mile) = 21600 kfu.mile.

There have been eighteen copyrighted tables developed thusfar, which are the subjects of this treatise and the author has elected not to display them with these excerpts.

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