The Man Who Saw the Past

Steven Myers; Founder
Pharaoh's Pump Foundation

Humanity has had the great fortune to produce a multitude of visionaries. These visionaries have come from all walks of life, each age in history, and the scope of their visions cover every aspect of the human experience. Visionaries have practiced their mysterious powers in medicine, art, science, religion, technology, business, philanthropy and many other fields of endeavor. But the most impressive, fantastic, and famous are the great visionaries that have demonstrated their uncanny and unexplainable ability to see into another time!

We all know their names. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jeanne Dixon and Jesus Christ, just to mention a few. The enormous impact of these visionaries ensured their fame but there are hundreds of visionaries, who's important visions are much less known to the general population, their contributions languish in relative obscurity. This is the story of one such visionary, unknown to most, but who's vision is just now being brought to the attention of inquisitive minds everywhere. In this new age of enlightenment heralded by the new century and the new millenium, the discoveries of this extraordinary visionary are being studied and embraced by informed persons the world over. Of all humans since the beginning of recorded time to our present era, this man is considered by many to have achieved something that had eluded all others since the beginning of recorded history. Some say he was able to solve the Riddle of the Ages, determining none other than HOW and WHY the Great Pyramid of Giza was built!! The visionary many feel accomplished this fantastic achievement was none other than Edward J. Kunkel.

Of all men, it was Edward Kunkel who was able to discern the "high technology" used to build the Great Pyramid. Just as important, he understood the intent of the original builders as to the purpose of the Great Pyramid's seemingly puzzling interior. He understood the nature and operation of the anti-gravity devices used by the ancients, allowing them to levitate stones of many tons effortlessly. More than that, he revealed his discoveries in a very rare and privately published book called, Pharaoh's Pump.

There was a time, so many eons ago, when there was not a Riddle of the Ages. At one time it was known how and why the Great Pyramid was built. It is odd to consider because this imponderable riddle has been with the collective soul of mankind seemingly since the beginning of time. The builders of the Great Pyramid and those who watched the process were not dumbfounded or mystified as they witnessed the structure rise to the sky. The Great Pyramid's construction was part of their experience. The answer to the Riddle of the Ages was in essence common knowledge that over countless eons has been lost to the sands of time. The building techniques and purpose of the Great Pyramid were apparent to all who worked on or watched its construction. They understood the purpose of every aspect of the puzzling interior of the Great Pyramid, this building being integral to their society. The civilization comprising the builders of the Great Pyramid (who ever they were) had no Riddle of the Ages because they witnessed the answer first hand!

The most celebrated of all the visionaries achieved their fame by seeing the events of the future. Edward Kunkel's fame will be achieved when the world reluctantly acknowledges the brilliancy of his vision of the past. Kunkel was able to transcend centuries of myth and misunderstanding, transcend centuries of wanton destruction of the Great Pyramid by barbarians of all ages, transcend the countless eons of time itself and SEE how the Great Pyramid was built!

Nikola Tesla and Edward Kunkel visualized in much the same way. As polymaths, both had the ability to conceptualize in all five senses! Peering into the mists of the distant past Kunkel saw the Great Pyramid in various stages of construction. He could see the workers performing their prospective tasks, signaling to one another. He heard them communicate, listened to their conversation and laughter. He felt the heat of the ancient Sun, the smooth surfaces of the new casing stones and the cool water of that long ago time. He talks about these visions in his autobiography titled; One Bright Day, which he privately published shortly before his death. As much as any person in modern times could be, he was there as the Great Pyramid was created!

Edward Kunkel was born at the end of the 19th century living most of his long life in Ohio, USA. Living well into his eighties he had a rather interesting and eventful life including his visions and understanding of the world's first and only remaining great wonder. He was far ahead of his time, the knowledge he possesses was often a burden as much as it was a glorious revelation. As best he could, he told the world the answer to the Riddle of the Ages but for the most part he was met with rejection. Such is the fate of men who know the seemingly unknowable. Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of Continental Drift and was considered deranged by traditional geologists. Galileo Galilei was tried and sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life because he told the world the Earth went around the Sun. Humanity rewards its visionaries with rejection and repression. This is the norm of those who venture far beyond "conventional understanding."

By now you are asking; "What did he see? How was it built? Why was it built?" (I hope you are asking those questions!) The answer offered by Edward Kunkel to the Riddle of the Ages is more fantastic and more phenomenal than anything you have ever heard. The answer to the Riddle of the Ages acknowledges the true genius of the ancients and gives them honor for the great achievements that they alone accomplished. Kunkel's answer to the Riddle of the Ages is not some cop-out based on wild conjecture or hallucination. It is his contention that there were no aliens and no secret knowledge reserved exclusively for the initiated or elite. The builders of the Great Pyramid were subject to the same immutable laws of physics as we are. The ancients were just like us, faced with similar problems but with much different resources to achieve their goals. The way in which they reached their goals are viewed as marvels by modern mankind.

Others who proclaim how and why the Great Pyramid was built are unable to demonstrate or repeat pivotal aspects of the process they proclaim as fact. Every aspect of Kunkel's understanding of the Great Pyramid's construction can be substantiated by evidence or can be demonstrated in this day and age. Once his work is studied and understood, Kunkel's answer to the Riddle of the Ages is both consistent with the remaining evidence and complies with reason. This theory meets the most stringent, and elusive requirement which is often lacking in this subject of study. Edward Kunkel's answer to the Riddle of the Ages, makes sense!
Truth is often stranger than fiction. Edward Kunkel's truth about the Great Pyramid is rejected by many who refuse to even open his book or understand what it contains. It was Edward Kunkel who first proposed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was designed and built to be a functional machine related to hydraulics. The Great Pyramid is a WATER PUMP!

The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation has been established to keep the research of Edward Kunkel alive and available to inquisitive minds everywhere. The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is continuing the research of Edward Kunkel and building on his work. We are an Oregon based 501 c 3 nonprofit foundation established by independent researcher and ancient technology scholar, Steven Myers.