Pyramid Healing Energy Research


Kirti Betai Agra, India


Muscular Dystrophy

  1. Ms. Niharika Jain, was diagnosed for Muscular Dystrophy when she was of age 2 years.
  2. She was brought to Mr. Kirti Betai when she was of age 14 years. She could not stand on her feet nor bathe on her own at that time.
  3. She was administered the Pyramid Energy Treatment Program and was given 10 mini Pre-Energized Pyramids to place under her bed at home.
  4. Detailed diet and activity / exercise program was advised.
  5. She was asked to visit the Daya Dhaar Self Care Center at Agra, India. For Pyramid Energy Treatment, initially twice a day. She was made to sit within Pyramid Space for one hour at a time.
  6. After 2 years of Pyramid Energy Treatment she could stand on her feet without support for about 45 minutes and became independent in respect of her daily routine.
  7. Her blood test indicated that pathologically she was cured of the genetic dis-ease of Muscular Dystrophy.
  8. She is now not required to come to the Self Care Center and she is advised to continue Pyramid Energy Treatment at home and do certain simple yoga exercises to build up her muscle strength, which became weak and wasted due to prolonged dis-use.


    choked artery

  10. Mr. Nitin Walia, had suffered a heart attack for the first time about 12 years before he had a second attack. Now the doctors recommended a bye-pass surgical procedure.
  11. He was advised 30 days bed rest by the doctor and he was put on medication to prepare him for the surgery.
  12. At this stage he contacted Mr. Kirti Betai and he was given 10 Pre-Energized Pyramid Energy Instruments to place under his bed.
  13. Detailed diet program was advised and all his food was to be energized by placing in Pyramid Energy Force Field for 15 minutes.
  14. After 30 days he felt quite energetic and there was no pain in the chest any more.
  15. When he reported to the doctor the ECG showed 75% improvement in the function of the heart.
  16. Angiography was performed which indicated that his left ventricle was totally normal and no surgery was necessary any more.

    Pyramid Energy Systems

    USed in these therapies

  18. Pyramid Energy Systems were carefully designed by selecting the material, shape, size, and color, to match the Energy Frequency of the arteries in case of Mr. Nitin Walia and the muscle system in case of Ms. Niharika.
  19. As a magnet will transform only iron particles if placed within its Energy Force Field for a sufficient period of time, each Pyramid Energy System will have its effect and influence only on the energy system having the precise Energy Frequency, which is present within its energy-wave-form.
  20. If we give a Pyramid Energy System, which has the Energy Frequency of e.g. Liver to a patient who has choked arteries, then the Pyramid Energy Treatment will be totally in-effective.
  21. Each energy system has an in built genetic code, which provides immunity to the energy system from any dis-harmonious interaction with other energy systems.
  22. So the Liver will not inter-act with the Pyramid that does not contain the Energy Frequency harmonious with the Liver and so on.
  23. A Pyramid that can heal the Liver may not necessarily heal the Heart unless its energy-wave-form contains the Energy Frequency of the Heart as well.
  24. Energy Frequency of the Pyramid can be manipulated by the selection of its material, shape, size, and color.
  25. The following table shows the materials, which are found to be ideal for Healing different diseases, dis-orders, and ailments:-
    1. Gold .. Heart
    2. Silver . Lungs
    3. Copper Veins
    4. Brass Liver
    5. White Metal . Spleen
    6. Teak Wood ... Colon
    7. Lime Stone Bones
    8. Glass .. Veins, Spleen
    9. Marble Brain
    10. Ruby Glands
    11. Emerald Genes
    12. Granite .. DNA
  1. We have developed a metal alloy using 5 different metals in specific proportions (DD-Metal) to create an energy-wave-form of the Pyramid which contains each of the aforesaid 12 Energy Wave Forms within a single Pyramid.
  2. This was possible due to the spontaneous interactions between the metals mixed in specific proportions that produced an energy spectrum larger than its individual ingredients.
  3. Behaviour of Energy Systems is known to be non-linear. In an accelerator, atoms of different elements are known to collide and produce all together different atomic particles instead of fragments of the two elements.
  4. Using this behaviour pattern of Energy Systems we have recently developed a Pyramid Energy Healing System as follows:-
    1. One Pyramid made from the aforesaid special alloy (DD-Metal) of size 1*1*1 inches. This Pyramid is embedded in-to another Pyramid, made from fiber-glass, of size 2*2*2 inches.
    2. One fiber-glass sheet, of size 4*4 inches embedded with 4 brass coins of size 1 inch.
    3. One fiber-glass ball of 1 inch diameter embedded with one steel ball of 1/8 inch diameter.
    4. One Nickel Plated Brass Pendant of 1 inch diameter.
    5. All the aforesaid Pyramid Energy Instruments are Pre-Energized within the nucleus of the Mother Energy Field of the 36,000 Pyramids until saturation.
  1. We have tested this 4 component Pyramid Energy System on several patients having a variety of diseases, dis-orders, and ailments, and found that this Pyramid Energy System is able to induce Spontaneous Healing in each and every case.



Joint research proposal

We would be happy to offer With Our Compliments this 4 component Pyramid Energy Healing System along-with User Instructions to any researcher who is interested, willing, and able to test the same with instruments and / or in a live trial on any patient, and provide a detailed observation report of the experiment.

Mr. Kirti Betai