Research Statement for RIVAS - Dan A. Davidson, Principal Scientist

Past Accomplishments

Phase I - Shape Power discoveries by Dan A. Davidson

1. Made major breakthroughs in how shape converts the universal space energy, the aether, into other forces such as magnetism, electricity, electrostatic force, and gravity. This discovery is based on over 40 years of effort in basic research (theory, analysis, and experimentation) to discover the basis of energy and force. This discovery is termed "Shape Power" and reflects the fact that power (energy X time) can be accomplished by simple but specific geometric organization of matter.

2. The Shape Power breakthroughs incorporated analysis of energy mechanism and how these mechanisms operated spatially over time.

3. The Shape Power analysis led to a theoretical basis of how the various forces of nature manifest from the basic space energy of the universal vacuum. The theoretical basis is both intuitive and mathematically described.

4. The Shape Power analysis and theory led to testing in the laboratory for validation. All the various aspect of the theory and validation culminated in the publishing of my book Shape Power. Testing involved using laboratory instruments such a oscilloscopes, magnetometers, voltmeters, and other standard laboratory equipment for a firm scientific basis that validated the theory.

5. In addition, Clairvoyants and Clairsentient persons with laboratory validated credentials who could either see or feel or both to verify what we were generating in the laboratory with the various shapes. This provided an additional basis for further experimentation and elaboration of the basic theory that had evolved.

6. One of the most celebrated energy shapes, the pyramid, was analyzed extensively. This led to -

Phase II - Incorporation of Joe Parr's breakthrough discoveries involving Pyramid Shapes.

7. Joe Parr's experimental work was analyzed with respect to the above Shape Power discoveries which led to a more complete understanding of large scale (astronomical) energetic interactions with shape.

8. Dan Davidson duplicated Joe's gravity wheel discovery and conjoint simultaneous experiments over 1000 miles apart validated that Joe's pyramid gravity discoveries were in fact based on energetic conduits between our sun and other suns (stars). These conduits offer the possibility for interstellar space travel as hyper (faster than) light speeds with perfect safety to the passengers.

9. Joe's gravity wheel and gravity centrifuge discoveries prove that there is a spheroidal forcefield around the pyramid shape and this forcefield, under special energy condition, becomes "opaque" to all local forces. That is, the force field is impermeable to gravity, electromagnetism, atomic radiation, inertial effects, etc.; in short, to all known forces. A spacecraft encased in this type of forcefield would be able to travel at faster than light speeds, make right angle turns without any inertial effects on the spacecrafts passengers, and perform as many observers have recounted of UFOs (e.g., flying saucers).

Phase III

Currently researching the effects discovered thus far in hopes of developing a space drive that could be used as a true space propulsion system.