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Exploring the use of crystals from Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt to present day technology, including their use in ritual and ceremonial magic and their importance in ancient religious literature, Dr. DeSalvo examines the many physical and chemical properties of quartz crystals and explains how their crystalline lattice structure is the key to their amazing abilities, both scientific and paranormal. DeSalvo reveals the scientific findings on his own ancient crystal skull as well as studies on other skulls by the British Museum and the Smithsonian. DeSalvo offers instructions for their use in scrying, meditation, and Enochian magic. 

Books by Dr. John DeSalvo
 (Nook and Kindle editions)

Decoding the Pyramids
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Also in French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech and Estonian

Seeress of Prevorst
Published by
Inner Traditions
The Seeress of Prevorst
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Dead Sea Scrolls
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Out or Print

Foreign Language Editions German, French, Spanish, Dutch

The Lost Art of
Enochian Magic
Published by
Inner Traditions

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Decoding the
Enochian Secrets

 Published by
Inner Traditions

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